In the beginning…

So how did this all begin?

January 1, 2012 (early morning)

I was at a New Years party downtown Atlanta. I remember it being packed so I went outside to get some fresh air. As I was walking around outside the building where the party was, I ran into Markel. It was a great sight. I had not seen him in 4 years. And although we had not seen one another in years, we always kept in touch at least once a year to say happy birthday or just to check on one another.

I remember him introducing me to his roommate and begin describing to him about me.

“Man Bridgette is so cool…” “Bridgette has such a beautiful spirit…” “Bridgette has great taste in music and we vibe man..”

He kept going on and on to his roommate about me.

Here were my thoughts:

On one hand, I just never thought we had such a connection. I mean I didn’t realize that such small interactions over those years meant so much.

Then on the other hand, I realized the the things he said about me, I didn’t feel about myself at that moment. It was like Markel was talking about a stranger. It was a defining moment and from there I began writing poems. I also thought about Suzan Lori- Parks 365 days, 365 plays as an inspiration and thought about when the amazing poet Sonia Sanchez came to speak at my Alma Mater UGA and she mentioned that she has written a haiku every morning.

The poems were great to do, a therapy. But here I was dealing with all kinds of emotions and experiences so personal that I didn’t want to perform them or share them on my blog. But I did still want some type of feedback. So I came up with the idea of having some of my close friends provide some commentary on the pieces.

This is where Markel, Casey, Alfred, Brittney, and Kelundra came in. We all have different relationships.

Markel my homie from high school who I just reconnected with and one of the inspirations for the project.

Casey, my best friend, my confidant who has supported me through a lot since college.

Alfred, my theatre brother who I lived with for a bit in Chicago and understood me as an artist of color and upcoming arts administrator professional.

Brittney, my line-sister who I have known since middle school and who I tell everything to.

and finally Kelundra my friend from college, my study abroad roommate who keeps me in check about life yet still tolerates my sappiness through our annual shopping trips and holiday gatherings.

We all came together. Some who had never met before this project began. Professional networks got started and friendships were created. From me sending inspirational emails each week, to us having drinks every break, to road trips, to phone calls every week. The past two years have been an experience. We came together to create something big and folks there is more to come.

So now that you are caught up on the backstory…. continue exploring the site.


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