The Official Thank You!!

November 29th I was sitting at my friend Josh’s house and he gave me the nudge to get the ball rolling on the next phase of The 365 Project. We talked about a lot of things but one of the main things I remember him saying was, “If you want this to happen, the next few months have to be focused on the project. Put your everything to it. All of your emotions, all of your energy ad when it is done, you will be proud of what is left.”

I am thankful for that conversation that afternoon. I am thankful for the divine intervention that allowed Josh and I to have that conversation for it was right there in his living room that I launched The 365 Project Indiegogo campaign.

27 days later, the campaign has ended and …..



In 25 days we raised $1,844 towards helping us self-publish the book. I am still in shock. I am still looking over the website, trying to process it all.

I first want to thank my team: Casey Bruce, Alfred Heartley, Markel Davis, Brittney Holmes, Kelundra Smith, Josh Cubas and Mandela Wise. Thank you for responding to my emails, answering my phone calls and texts, and just believing in my dream as if it were your own. Thank you for the ownership you all have taken in this project. It feels weird calling this mine because I am where I am because of the great people you guys are in my life. I do not take that lightly.

Thank you to my family for spreading the word and always pushing me to perform or write.

Thank you to my linesisters and prophytes for donating and spreading the word about the campaign. I am grateful for your love and every day I find new things to love about each of you and the sisterhood we are a part of.

In the acknowledgement section of the book, I will give out more shout outs and stuff but to each and every contributor to The 365 Project: THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! 

Each contribution means so much to what we are trying to do. We want The 365 Project to inspire, to heal, to challenge, and to create dialogue. Your contributions are getting is there. 

I don’t want to make this a long and drawn out post so in general I want to say again THANK YOU!!  Stay tuned for more updates. The first being our book release event happening Sunday, January 19, 2014 at Huria Boutique 132 Walker St, Atlanta, Ga 30313







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