The FIRST 365 Project Monday Feature: Death for New Life- Ink’D Soul the Poet

Ok so The 365 Project is about collaboration. It is about showcasing artists throughout their daily pursuits of purpose in their lives. As we continue to promote the book, we will also continue to promote other artists who want to share their artistry with us. Mondays will be devoted to that space. DeMarcus Merritt aka Ink’D Soul will be our first feature.


Check out his piece:

Standing shadows of light
stood side by side,
Under an umbrella of sadness
That stretched across the sky.

Storms form in ignited irises,
Tides rise as troops of tears,
solider out in cadence from
the war in each eye.

Darkness frost bites the face
Of flowers, that fall onto
The floor of a concrete cemetery.

It was of scenes seen only in prettily,
perfectly painted nightmare dreams;
something far beyond the imaginary.

Yet this was of raw,
flesh feeling reality;
closer I drew to the grave
truth of time was that much clearer.

I saw charbroiled chunks of my tongue,
tattooed with terms of assassination ammunition,
it was a skewed, viewed me;
I came face to face with that
reflection in that marred mirror.

I witnessed a younger, yesterday me,
buried with the burned bodies of
self-destruction diseases
as hate, poverty, & injustice.

So I leaned over the casket
in gasping disbelief,
fright filled fingers over cold corpse,
grazing the moment’s terror
and torn toughness.

Tucked under my back was a track
filled with fragments of fragmented faces,
familiar looking folks known to knife my
knowledge with noosing negativity. 

They were those that froze,
formed from friend into foe,
tried to clog my pipedreams but
still rose to dance in the
stomach of the stars as designed
at their purposed nativity.

Stumbled back
at the shocking sight of
the eroded esophagus

hallowed from swallowed
pills of prejudice;

a heartbeat rotten,
mildew and
moist with remorse.  

Then it heavily hit me,
without warning or choice..

 as a stranger stranded…

…strapped, standing upright
on the track of a

trekking train passing through.


I understood this as the
exact time I had to turn
back and mind from the
inner me and my outward view. 

Bended to knee
to forever vow.

To divorce mind and

soul of yesterday,

Blood ink the
matrimony of new mind
and soul to new self now.

As tears rise in reverse,
clinched hands of time strike,
emptied ears and eyes
fill with freedom bell ringing.

It’s soothing sound silences
the sorrow in the hummed singing. 

You see
the voice of that vow
rose like a hawk to high wind.

I dare not dance
with an old me
into a new year,
had to stop our
spiraling spin.  

At this altar of
this moment,
I promise to my purpose
to remain worth it,
to stay translucent and true.

Though it be not necessary,
or perhaps
it could be
quite the contrary,

but without judgment I ask…

Now what about you?

“Death for New Life”
31 Dec 13

-by Ink’D Soul the Poet

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