Kelundra ‘s interview with Hirut Yosef

Would you leave your job working as a T-shirt designer for a major denim company in Istanbul to move to Atlanta with no money and no plan– only talent? A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to interview an artist named Hirut Yosef, and that is exactly what she did. She designed jerseys and graphic tees for Mavi Jeans, and one year ago she uprooted herself to live with her sister, brother-in-law, and niece in Atlanta. Today, her exhibitChalom Yashan is on view at the Marcus Jewish Community Center through March 31. Moving to Atlanta was one of many long journeys that she has taken in her life–she is from Israel, by way of Ethiopia. She landed in Israel at age 5 after her family walked over 400 miles to a refugee camp in Sudan in order flee famine and war. From there, they flew to Israel and Hirut started kindergarten, knowing no Hebrew and being a black girl in a very white environment. I have always had great respect and admiration for people who take risks with no guaranteed pay-off or end in sight. It takes a lot to do something, not to get more, but to be better. Hirut Yosef pursued better, and now her artwork is on display in a gallery that gets hundreds of visitors per month. What would you gain if you only had faith the size of a mustard seed? Read the full article for more on her story.


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