The Road Unintentionally Traveled – By Brittney Holmes

I’ve seen this image posted on a few social media sites on more than one occasion. I debated between blogging about it and posting it on Instagram with brief commentary. I figured I’d do both.
I’ll start by saying, I’m in no way bashing women who take this route in life. Not my M.O. so when reading this, don’t come for me at that angle.
My reason for posting this is to simply remind us to not glorify or justify things we know are out of order. I think it’s all fine and good to get to a certain point of achievement in life and look back on your past to celebrate how far you’ve come. However, we have to be cognizant of the message we are spreading across social media which is widely used by minors. They won’t look at this and see it as an unintentional path, as it is for most women. Most of us do not plan to have children, then get married, then graduate from school. Who desires to place that much pressure and hardship on their life? This is clearly a road typically unintentionally traveled.
I’m just gonna keep it short and sweet because, again, I’m not intending to bash the women who have posted this meme on their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles. Just think about what we are communicating to young girls who are struggling with figuring out if their purpose in life is to lay on their backs or walk down Wall Street. It would be much harder to get where she’s going if she takes the road unintentionally traveled. Praise your path, but in the process, make sure those coming behind us know that doing this the other way around would be more beneficial to their life’s goals.
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