Dive in!

Last year we definitely agreed as a group to keep this space updated every month. And well..you know things happen.

In 2016 however, we will try and do better. We are not making promises that things will be jumping on here, but that there will be some type of consistency.

(This is Bridgette btw)

With the book, I have always wanted to expand it beyond the pages. I saw this going different ways. I saw it being seminars. I saw it being workshops with youth. But  last summer…

I attended the Theatre Communications Group conference and there was a workshop on solo shows. It inspired me so much that right after the show, I made a preliminary outline of what The 365 solo show could be. And for a while, that outline was it. I wrote that talked with one of my old professors about it. He loved it and gave me some feedback. I took it in for a little, but really I left it in 2015 as just an idea.

As this new year began, I pushed myself to do it. I set a date.

I set a date before making a script for the show.

I set a date before choosing who would help me out.

I set a date before anything.

Oh and I did I mention that I set this date that was like a month away from realizing I didn’t have anything.

But on February 4th was the premiere of The 365 Project Solo Show in the UGA Department of Theatre and Film Studies Arena Theatre.

FullSizeRender (7)

It was a great event. People loved it. And it caught me off guard. Some days I really ask “Do people really like my stuff?”

At the end of the night I invited friends over to my apartment for dinner and we talked about the show and they congratulated me on the accomplishment. They talked about poems that really resonated with them and how they envisioned them to be and how the solo show made the poems better for them.

All because I took this dive.

My life has been a series of dives and just seeing how I swim once I hit the water. This year if there is something that you have been meaning to do, but have been telling yourself that you shouldn’t, quiet that voice. Take that dive and see what happens. And to be honest, no matter what happens, you have people who love you and will support you.

Special Shoutout to those who helped make February 4th so great:

  • Jeffrey McNair
  • Kelundra Smith
  • Ian Tranberg
  • Markel Davis
  • Casey Bruce
  • Alfred Heartley
  • Damaine Bolton
  • Jason Wallace
  • Brittney (Holmes) Jackson
  • Makeup by Erica J
  • Erwin Greene
  • Crystal Jackson
  • Joan Collier
  • Christa Evans

Thank you to those who came out to the show. Your presence in the audience was everything!

So now you can’t tell me nothing. I am traveling with this and see where it goes. Stay tuned for dates near you. (And if you have any suggestions, let me know)




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