MCM — Jordan Lewis (Atlanta freelancer and cinematographer )

The best thing about The 365 Project is the community we have been able to create and foster these past four years. It feels weird for me to take claim and ownership of this project because if it wasn’t for my circle of friends and family and fellow artists, this project wouldn’t exist.

MCM or Man Crush Monday as it more widely known in the social media realm happens when folks post their crushes or significant others on Mondays.

Jordan Lewis is our MCM. In this space, Jordan is not our significant other or crush, but he is soooo amazing. Over the weekend we received the final edits of videos from The 365 Project solo show in Atlanta and can I say that we LOVE IT!

A few things about Jordan:

  • He is a UGA graduate (GO DAWGS)
  • He is a FSU graduate (Since Alfred is a FSU grad we will forgive him for this)
  • Jordan has also crewed more than 40 short films, music videos and web series in the following positions:
    Production Designer
    1st and 2nd Assistant Director
    1st and 2nd Assistant Camera
    Key Grip
    Best Electric
    Sound Mixer/Boom Op
    Script Supervisor
  • He has had past experience on projects such as “Swamp Murders,(ID Channel)” “The Prancing Elite Project (Oxygen Network)” and “Dance Crash (Own Network)”.
  • He is the owner and operator of JML Media, LLC.

Thank you Jordan for the awesome work you do and we look forward to working with you in the future. Cheers to new beginnings!!11896426_10207960906006322_8327238169483046773_o

Follow Jordan on social media:

Instagram: @jordanmatthewlewis


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