Day 2: Back at it

All right! Second day! Kind of…*clears throat* I cheated.

Even though it’s only the second day of blogging, I’ve kind of been doing this internship for a couple weeks now. The thing I think I’m going to have the most trouble with is finding the time to dedicate just for the internship, blog included. I say I’m a multi-tasker but I can be honest and say that I’m not very good. I’ve got a lot of balls to juggle with getting back to school, starting a new job, finishing up a different internship, and I’m starting a fitness program (but that’s a completely different story). I have a planner that’s pretty detailed with what I can schedule so I basically create and maintain a schedule for everything. I remember one of my friends told me (and I’m paraphrasing heavily) “we all have balls we need to juggle and it’s okay to let one of them job every once in a while. But if you keep dropping that same ball, it’s time to re-evaluate.” He said it better. The 365 ball is one that I particularly need to keep an eye on.

What did I do for 365? I made the website private so I could start re-working the site.


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