Day 5: Staying Alive

5Like the rhyme? It’s the fifth day and I’ve got to say I think we’re going to be okay. Actually I don’t really know, I just wanted it rhyme. Still thinking about the fact that I committed to writing a blog everyday for a year still makes me nervous. But the thing is I could stop writing tomorrow and the only person I would be disappointing is myself.

I think that’s the “big deal” for doing a 365 project. It’s a way to challenge yourself, to try something new, to learn, and to grow.

What did I do for 365 today: I did a little research today about social media techniques and trends because one thing I want to accomplish in my first three months of my internship is establishing an online presence for “The 365 Project.” I read three different articles (linked down below) on some best practices you can use to promote your blog. I feel like they did a good job in the information provided but I’ll keep it short.

  • There are blogging groups on Facebook that you can use to promote yourself among other bloggers while also being able to hold yourself accountable to the things you promise you’ll do on your blog.
  • Two of articles talk about personalizing your content to get people involved and invested in what you’re promoting (which seems kind of duh when I think about it) so maybe I’ll change to first person point of view on Facebook page to give a personal touch?
  • Another way to interact with our audience, which I think will be a good idea in the future, is using Facebook Live or Instagram Live to engage with our followers. I think it could be a really cool thing to do with the contributors for a Q&A session or just having them talk about the project.
  • The more business oriented articles talked about utilizing paid ads on social media in order to boost viewership. Normally, I would be totally against that but the articles say the best way to do it (especially when you don’t have an advertising budget like we do yet), is creating really great content and then boosting those instead of shelling out all this money for mediocre that aren’t gonna get the people excited. But we’ll have to wait a bit before we’re there yet.
  • The last thing, which I think is going to be the next thing I tackle, is expanding your social media accounts. The purpose behind this is basically to build a fanbase or just getting your content out there. After a while, look to see where the traffic is flowing and then pick the top three and focus on those. But the trick is what are the different accounts and how do you use them?

Sites used:

“Best Social Media Tips For Bloggers In 2017”

“5 Big Trends and Tips for Social Media Marketing”

“10 Best Social Media Advertising Tips for Content Marketers”






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