Day 6? My Secret Shame

I missed two days. There’s no real excuse. I procrastinated until I didn’t want to do it anymore and I put it off for another day. I’m a huge procrastinator. Always have been, always will be. But maybe I don’t have to be a terrible one. Do you remember Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide on Nickelodeon? I would show a clip but copyright. Long story short if you haven’t seen the show before, each episode tackled an issue that many middle schoolers face and gave tips on how to overcome them. Now, luckily young middle school me didn’t take every episode to heart (this is when you say “sure you didn’t”) but one episode that honestly stuck with me is the one about procrastination. The tips that gave didn’t really teach how to not to be a procrastinator but how to procrastinate smart. By breaking up a big task into smaller, manageable ones to make the big task less miserable. Doing this blog everyday is already a way of breaking up the internship but perhaps breaking up each blog post throughout the day is the next step so that I’m not rushing at 11:00pm to get a blog post in.

EDIT: I wrote this yesterday at work but fell asleep as soon as I went home and didn’t wake up til the next day! Man, I was tired!


What have I done for 365: It’s a small thing but necessary. I started reading “The 365 Project.” I know! Brianna, how are you going to be the 365 Project intern and no have even read “The 365 Project”? I know it’s my secret shame. But also while at work, Bridgette talked to me about some things (trying to be secretive) that are coming up for the 365 which is why it’s even more necessary for me to read the book.


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