New Plan!!

Hello! Long time no write. So I was inactive for the last week because…I don’t really know why. Have you ever had a valid reason (at the time) for not doing something but then you look back and can’t remember? Yeah, I have those a lot…That’s probably something I need to look into but yeah! I’ll be changing the format of this blog and essentially my 365 project. Originally, I was doing a blog post a day for the internship but things don’t work out (to keep the story short). But because I still want to write because I think writing is one my powers, I’m going to be journaling everyday and then blogging once a week.

I was to talk to Bridgette today and basically tell her that I was changing my format. She understood completely and talked a little more about how she did her 365 project. She kept a journal with her and wrote notes throughout the day and then typed it up later. I think this will work out better for me since I can jot things down at work or wherever and I can also take the time to build my post instead of doing it at the last minute (but let’s be honest, it will probably still be last minute) and basically summarize my activities. The posts will be longer but they’ll be more substantial. Plus now I have an excuse to buy a new journal. Whoo!

What have I done for 365: I was able to talk to Bridgette about upcoming projects and how 365 is going. And I’m finishing up the book but I’ve really done nothing. I know. Shame me.


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