Insert Clever Title Here

This week is the first week of the new plan! I’ll probably be changing the format of the summary pages but here’s the first one.


  • New journal
    • So in order to better keep up with the blog and internship, you might’ve remembered from the last post that I was going to keep a journal with me so I can keep up with updates since I can’t always have the blog with me. But last week was rough as I was going through with some personal things so I wasn’t able to put as much time and energy into the internship.
  • Finished the book
    • One thing I was able to do was finish the book. And it was good. And I’m not just saying that because the author is my boss. Some of the material I was able to relate to and some stuff was too real while reading, especially the poems about heartbreak. It really gave me a different perspective of Bridgette. It made her more human, not because I thought she was an alien. I don’t know, it was like learning a different side of her and to be able to show that kind of vulnerability is quire brave.
  • Putting together plans for secret event
    • Still can’t quite talk about it yet. It’s not like a secret-secret event, it will be open to the public of course. But we’re still putting things together. Don’t worry, you’ll be the first to know. 😉

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