What is The 365 Project??

Bridgette had just graduated from college, got her first job in Chicago, far away from home where she only knew a few people, oh and to top it all off she was dealing with the end of a 5 year relationship…

She was dealing with a lot of emotions: fear, loneliness, excitement, happiness, anger, and some she still cannot put into words. She turned to my first love. Poetry was the only thing that had always been constant in her life and kept her sane.

Starting on January 1, 2012, Bridgette wrote a poem for every day of the year based on the thoughts and experiences of that day. About a month into the writing, she got her friends to join in and write some of their thoughts as well. There they were: six, 20 –something, college graduates trying to keep up the tenacity to fulfill our respective dreams in spite of the day-to-day angst that comes with uncertainty. They started to have this dialogue through writing, phone calls, and spending time with each other and talking about everything that was happening in our lives.

The 365 Project became bigger than just Bridgette. She realized that she was not alone, and it has become one of the best experiences she has had in her life.

The 365 Project was her healing. There, in the three journals she used, the scraps of paper I found, and within the sacred heart spaces of her friends Casey, Alfred, Markel, Kelundra, and Brittney, she had no inhibitions, no confusion, no fear.

They want to share this project with the world. Writing is the medium through which the contributors have found their healing, but they hope to share this as a way to heal others. They want to inspire a movement. What makes you happy? What keeps you sane when you are down? Where are you searching for fulfillment?

Twelve months and many lessons learned later we self-published this work. Please spread the word, purchase the book, and BE INSPIRED!

Learn more about the contributors/my friends here. 

One thought on “About the project

  1. 365 Project is a great read so far! I’m only about a quarter of the way, but I’ve already found several poems that I can identify with or have experienced from a male perspective. Can’t wait to come across more of these as I work my way thru Ms. Burton’s book.

    Talented writer to say the least!

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