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Is Your Vision Board Big Enough?

From The 365 Project Contributor – Brittney Holmes Jackson


It’s that time of the year. Everyone is reevaluating their life, where they are with achieving their personal, professional and spiritual goals. It’s the time of resolutions, and goal-setting. It’s the time to congregate on our best girlfriend’s living room floor with brunch and mimosas, magazines, glue and scissors, and other crafty shenanigans that are going to help us get our lives in order for the coming year.

Well I got my life in order at my first vision board party this year, but it wasn’t by cutting and pasting a few photos on a small paper board. My life was snatched at the sight of an at least 20-page poster board-sized book that was full of images, words of affirmations, declarations, illustrations and seriously, the entire meaning of life, in general. I’d never seen a vision book before, and to be honest, it may not be the accurate, textbook…

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2017 Reflections

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